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Android users prefer button navigation rather than gestures

In the final beta version of the Android Q update, Google improved gesture navigation, added a sensitivity setting for the Back gesture (swipe from the right edge of the screen). It also offers users a choice of three navigation options, combining gestures and familiar touch buttons on the screen.

“Moving to a gesture model for system navigation, we can provide more screens for applications and a more exciting experience with them,” explained the people responsible for the UI.

The developers claim that they have long researched the model of user interaction with the smartphone, built many prototypes to test their navigation models for ergonomics. For example, below you can observe the heat map of user interaction.

But no matter how hard the developers try, users still prefer to use the traditional three buttons at the bottom of the screen. In a user survey, they scored 5.78 points in ergonomics, while gestures from Android Q - 5.39 points. Google is confident that over time, users will appreciate the innovations and give preference to gestures as a faster interaction with the system. Let them and have to spend some time getting used to the innovations. This may take 1-3 days. However, button navigation remains an available option in the new version of Android.

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