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Rumors: the graphics processor on the PS5 will not reach the level of NVIDIA RTX 2080

Anyone who hoped for the incomparable power of the new console from Sony will have to slightly moderate their appetites. The PS5 GPU will receive a powerful GPU, but not cooler than the NVIDIA RTX 2080. This is reported by TechRadar with reference to Komachi, which has already posted information about the alleged stuffing of the new PlayStation.

Judging by the post Komachi, the GPU clock frequency on the next-generation console will reach 2 GHz. This is enough to surpass AMD’s recent Radeon RX 5700 XT, but it’s a bit short of RTX 2080. In addition to the joy for avid PC gamers, this opens up great opportunities for cross-platform games, since everywhere they will look about equally good. At least the next few years.

Another plus towards the consoles is the price. Most journalists are inclined to think that for the PS5 they will have to shell out no more than $ 700 - this is the figure that starts the price for the NVIDIA RTX 2080. So the console will become a more profitable option for many than the top-end gaming PC.

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